Improve sitting posture by detecting harmful postures using a Kinect sensor (A Sunday afternoon project)

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Welcome to SitPerfect

Good and Bad Illustrations

All you need to improve your sitting posture is a Windows PC and a Kinect.

In the first version a dangerous music starts playing when then angle between your shoulders and your head is less than 50°.

This is by no means scientific (yet).

If you want to help and have some fun:

Logging and Stats

To stay motivated I wanted to start measuring my posture over time. Now SitPerfect writes a logfile with angles between my head, neck and shoulder. Then I can create simple charts like this one and hopeful see where my efforts to improve posture are taking me:

Sitting Posture Angles over time


Date Version Notes Link
2014-04-09 0.2.1 Logging shoulder angles to text file every 5 secs Download
2014-03-31 0.1 First release Download